Thursday, December 31, 2009

Adios decadita

Xmas birdie - and the inks of that. I actually like the inked version better.

Last post of the decade!!! My God, you never realize really how old you are until you start talking in those terms. XD

This has been a good year - and the next one promises to beat him badly :). I should start working on the animation for my thesis project, of which I've already worked out most of the pre-production - I actually intend to blog about the process so I don't forget anything whenever I write it down (in spanish though - I need to think in those terms since I'd be describing the process as it will be on the thesis). Once I'm done with that, I might actually go to Ireland - since my parents mean to pay it for me as a graduation gift. :D

My best wishes: Hope you all have a GREAT DECADE. :3

Love, Erika*