Monday, January 30, 2012

Tijuana doodles

So... apparently my little incursion in the street art matters in Münich (see previous epic Europe post) left me wanting some more. A friend of mine calls it "European Liberalism" XD

I created, then, a little collaboration with my street-experienced friend 1102. And then it somehow ended up on a wall :D

I really liked the creation process. It's liberating to know that you're doing something that won't stare at you for the rest of your life, so you just go along with it and experiment: if the paint falls down, you use it: if the color's weird, you make it work. I loved it. n.n

Now gotta go. The cops are here - run, run run!!!

(This post will only be in english for that reason. Sorry. XD)

*Edit: They took it off. This morning they took it off. They don't mind having the tags and the grafitti, it's been like that for ages - but the minute they get something else on, they take it off. So sad. :(

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dragón y naranjas

It's official: Happy year of the Dragon!! Prosperity, happiness and smiles all around n.n
Aún cuando no sea asiática, Feliz Año del Dragón!! Mis mejores deseos a todos! :D


Monday, January 23, 2012

Sueño de una fría tarde de invierno

Oh yeah: about the header. I've always thought that a bear would make an amazing, amazing partner. Just imagine walking him down the street, or falling asleep on his belly, or just being able to hug him...

Sure, waking him up may not be pretty. But a winter cuddling a bear, drinking hot chocolate? Just picture that :3

Y para los que lo notaron, el encabezado: desde hace ya mucho tiempo (y los que vieron mi pieza de Voytek saben que me encantan) he pensado que tener un oso como compañero debe ser una de las cosas irreales más geniales del mundo irreal. Imagínate sacarlo a pasear, dormirte en su pancita o poder abrazarlo impunemente... Claro. La parte de despertarlo cuando no se quiera despertar no debe ser linda. Pero un invierno, abrazada a él, ¿y tomando chocolate caliente? Debe ser encantador :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Le Petite Livre D'Aventures

Hey, everybody! Happy 2012!!

The reason I haven't updated at all this time is that I was away from home and my lap top.  I decided to give myself as a birthday treat a long-awaited trip to Europe. The good news is that now, as a result, you guys get the longest blog entry ever. In my blog, at least n.n

I had always wanted to visit France - I think it was since I was five and Beauty and the Beast came up. All of that 'Bon jour!'ing in the first few minutes of the movie really affected me XD
But it wasn't just France. The trip lasted for a month and a few days, and... well, I'll tell you guys about that in a minute. For now, pictures! They speak more than a thousand words - and these have a few words in between... n.n

Hola a todos!! Feliz año nuevo!! :D

No he actualizado mucho ultimamente, pero básicamente se debe a que me di una pequeña escapadita por Europa... mes y pico. Se me fue rapidísimo, y ya me la debía- desde que cumplí cinco años y vi la Bella y la Bestia moría por ir. Acaba de salir en 3D, por cierto. Debería ir a verla... n.n EN FIN. El punto es que me llevé conmigo un librito rojo para acuarelas en el que me di vuelo. No lo terminé, tristemente, pero como podrán ver, fueron bastantitas las hojas que use. Tal vez si no hubiera usado los dos lados en algunas...

I brought along a little red book for watercolor that I had bought a while ago, when I used to think I'd live for six months in Ireland. I wanted to capture the irish landscape. Thank God I didn't... * that way I had blank sheets to start working straight away. Watercolors, my koi brush and a pen, along with the little red book, were always on my blue bag. With my yellow coat n.n

*I still want to go to Ireland, though. Desperately. :(


 Münich's Rathaus 

oops... sorry n.n
I loved this image to bits. Bavaria's so conservative, and yet, this two old men adored each other. Loved it.
...and yet...
see that happy face? It was true n.n
We went to a bar that night, so with the dim lightning *and a few beers AHEM* and all, I love how this came out.
I had been waiting for this for ages. I felt like a little girl :3
The garden at the museé Bourdelle. So magical :)

La Chapelle Expiatoire. Eerie.
Actually, it ended up being 14 hours on train. *sigh* But it was fun. As you will see...


I was racing with a friend on this one. So... that should explain why it's not symmetrical. I hope XD

My personal favorite: Prague's Olej!  n.n This one, and the french and czech watercolors n.n

Aaaand that's it. If only the weather had been merciful, and time hadn't run so fast...

However, two things came out from this trip: one good, the other bad. The bad one is that I completely, desperately want to go back to France. Which means that now I'm driving myself insane between learning french, finding out how to navigate the dangerous and exhausting bureaucratic waters to try and get a visa, doing tons of research, and working like a workaholic in my portfolio. And I mean, workaholically. The good thing?

...I'm going back to France n.n Dunno when or how yet, but I am. :)

Esto es básicamente todo. Me hubiera encantado poder pasar más tiempo dibujando  - o allá. Tan es así, que yo ya estoy contemplando muy, muy, muy (no puedo hacer el suficiente énfasis en cuán MUY) seriamente volver. Es más... no es contemplación. No sé cómo, ni cuándo, pero me tengo que regresar. ¡Me encantó! ¡Aunque sea un ratito! ¿Cinco minutos más? 
Por lo pronto, estoy trabajando como loca en mi portafolio creando mil piezas para aplicar a mil trabajos, y aprendiendo francés y manejando mis habilidades burocráticas para averiguar qué demonios necesito para conseguir una visa y volver. No tanto por capricho... sino por llamado. Lo juro.

Anyway... I left just one visible mark of me ever being in the Old Continent. Just one. And it was really quick, but this tree trunk in the English Gardens in Münich was just irresistible.

Y pues... dejé una sola marca de mi estadía en aquel viejo continente. Solamente una, lo juro. Y aunque probablemente me esté incriminando, he de confesar que no pude resistir hacer un garabato rapidísimo en este tronco recién cortado en los Jardines Ingleses en Münich... :)

And, for reading this whole entry, here's a little gift from me to you. Enjoy.