Monday, January 30, 2012

Tijuana doodles

So... apparently my little incursion in the street art matters in Münich (see previous epic Europe post) left me wanting some more. A friend of mine calls it "European Liberalism" XD

I created, then, a little collaboration with my street-experienced friend 1102. And then it somehow ended up on a wall :D

I really liked the creation process. It's liberating to know that you're doing something that won't stare at you for the rest of your life, so you just go along with it and experiment: if the paint falls down, you use it: if the color's weird, you make it work. I loved it. n.n

Now gotta go. The cops are here - run, run run!!!

(This post will only be in english for that reason. Sorry. XD)

*Edit: They took it off. This morning they took it off. They don't mind having the tags and the grafitti, it's been like that for ages - but the minute they get something else on, they take it off. So sad. :(

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