Saturday, June 5, 2010


Long time no see n.n

The animation isn't done yet - I've got thirty more seconds to go, and my final deadline is June 25th. So I should go upstairs, turn my lightbox on and keep doing that.
But I've neglected my blog for quite a while, so I guess it's about time I post something - and since I was rather pleased with yesterday's exercise for Shut Up And Draw! at, I'm showing it.

The goal was to illustrate Eosop's fable of The Fox and The Stork - you know, that fable where the fox invited the stork to have soup on flat bowls, and then the stork payed it back by asking the fox to dinner and serving the soup on long-necked vases. It was done in one hour, so there's still some work to do with it - and since I liked it, I should finish it.

But after I'm done with the shortcut. n.n One thing at a time.