Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Creando puentes

I had been toying with the idea of creating a facebook page to post art, seeing how most of my friends/students/pals/people I work with/people I know are most of the time contacting me there, asking to see what I'm up to. Well, seeing as I've taken this blog as a place to show results rather than process, why not?

So if you know that facebook thingy, feel free: http://www.facebook.com/ErikaDraws

To give you an idea, so far I've been posting what I'm working on right now. I call it the Oiseau Series: it's a set of 12 paintings concerning "Ways to Catch a Bird and Where It May Take You". I'm creating them for my portfolio, and I'm starting to be proud of them - even if there's just four finished and still loads of work ahead.

All Acrylic on Wood.

A bird, you see, is my favorite metaphor for a dream. If you go close too fast, it may fly away from you. You must be patient and figure out ways to reach it. This is what this series is all about :)

So feel free to join the party! In the meantime, I shall continue to report results here :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Duendes en el Viento

Here in the Tijuana/San Diego area, it's raining today. You'd think our inner leprechauns are partying like this:
Well... think again.

Happy St. Patrick's day n.n

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Artist's "Atelier"

This is what my workspace looks right now. Yes, I work on the floor. We've been living for six months now in this place and I'm yet to find a place where it's more inviting to work other than on the comfy carpet I can't spill acrylic on. Someday, though... I'll work in a fancy atelier. Still on the floor. :)

I thought I'd let you guys sneak a peek at what I'm working - intensely! - at right now. Finished pieces, sketches, works in progress, Zombie Hedwig, inspiration, clean-up jeans and paints are lying around. The only thing missing from this pic to make me feel like a 'grown up' artist is a cat.


There n.n

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monstruos digitales

It had been a while since I painted something digitally. I need a new tablet... this one was borrowed. There's no such thing as Ctrl+Z in watercolor (well, there is - but it's not as safe to use...)

Ya tenía mucho que no hacía piezas digitales!! Necesito conseguirme urgentemente otra tableta - gracias a esta prestada, pude aventarme esto. Extraño el Ctrl+Z cuando acuareleo :(

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Los franceses tardan...

Earlier this week, I found the surprise of being featured in Illustrator's Lounge. After a month of internet trouble that prevented me from posting at all, and a lot of work, I have to confess that was quite, quite a treat! If you're here through them, then come on in and let me offer you some coffee. :) Welcome!!

It was such a rush, and just the pick-me up I needed: I'm currently working on my portfolio, 12 pieces with the same theme running through them, and they're taking quite a toll on my sleeping hours. However, the three that I've already finished have made me so proud - I can't wait to share them!!

In the meantime, though, allow me to post this poster I worked on as an entry for the 16th French Cinema Tour in Mexico. They said they'd announce the winner on march 2nd, and so I was waiting so I could post it and link to whoever won, and yet they've already changed the date for march 9th and now march 16th. I'm dying of curiosity and at the same time enjoying the rush of not knowing what's gonna happen: Hence, instead of waiting, I'll just post it and let you guys know what happened. n.nThere's an obvious reference to Georges Méliès, father of all fantastical film-makers; but with some mexican connotations in the way. It was such a delight to make this piece - particularly because the many shades of brown I made with the acrylic texture resembled melted chocolate... I was tempted to taste it. I can proudly say I resisted n.n
(This is my favorite part n.n)

Este lunes, después de muchos problemas que tuve con internet que apenas se resolvieron en estos días, estrés y trabajo al por mayor, me encontré con la maravilla de haber sido presentada en Illustrator's Lounge. No tienen idea de la motivadota que representó: de pronto enfrentarme a otras nueve piezas para mi portafolio - de las que ya llevo tres! - parecía tarea sencilla... Si estás aquí gracias a ellos, bienvenido!! Jala una silla y mantente por aquí, que hay cosas por venir...

Por lo pronto estoy posteando la pieza que envié como propuesta para la imagen del 16avo Tour de Cine Francés en México. Me encantó el resultado final - es la primera vez que estoy así de contenta con una propuesta - pero me han tenido en ascuas desde el 2 de marzo: ese día anunciaban ganadores, pero la cambiaron al 9; y ayer 9 dijeron que hasta el 16. Por mí no hay problema: siempre me han gustado las sorpresas y ese mariposeo en el estómago antes de develarlas - pero no puedo negar que me estoy carcomiendo de la intriga. :)

Hay claras referencias a Georges Méliès, padre de todo lo fantástico con un estilo delicioso para mis gustos: hacer investigación visual sobre sus motivos fue como estar en una dulcería, y no sabía ni qué escoger. Pero desde luego, tenemos la parte mexicana a todo lo que da. He de confesar además que aún cuando este póster me tomó unas cuantas noches en vela, el estar pintando con pintura acrílica de colores y consistencia idénticos al chocolate fue todo un reto... tenía que controlarme para no probarla :D