Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Semanario 3

It's already Wednesday!!!
Well, not here. PST says it's 19 hours (I'm still working/writing at home). But still - we'll see Django today, so gotta post it now.

It's noon in our apartment! This time it's Web Wednesday - a bit hard, since I didn't want to add all of the repetitive poses of characters checking their laptops. So I added tablets and smart phones - while at Paris I've grown 'fond' of people touristing and taking pictures with tablets... There's sarcasm in that sentence.

Anyway - I really loved this poster :D And my twitter fandom shows, doesn't it? Also pictured my fondness for old phones, my adoration for Google Doodles, Muse's 2nd Law, a Spiderman Comic; Dario Marianelli's "Love Letters" (that's gotta be one of my favorite soundtracks ever!) and a small Hedwig, since today's Harry Potter's birthday too...

Well, at the UK it is!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Semanario 2

We carry on! Here's Tuesday: Portfolio & Tutorial. It's easy to see where the Tutorials get into play in this image: only here is where I started thinking about a more concrete, clear sequential story to tell between headers. Also, I tried to make this lightning more morning like - kind of like 9:00 am sort of thing, where the other one is 6:00 am-ish. Had loads of fun learning how to draw paper cranes and how to draw paper cranes tutorials.

To note here: Jane Austen, Pacific Rim (HECK YEAH! - more on that later), coffee, Un Monstre à Paris and Paris Je t'aime.

I'm having a blast with these.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Semanario 1

A friend of mine from school proposed to me a rather interesting experiment. He asked me to do a series of headers for a local facebook group he administers: there's a different header every day, and they have different themes arranged for each of the days.

Since each artist invited to do the headers can do whatever on earth he wants with this, I've decided to do a series of illustrations with the same main characters, the same environment, and a different feeling each day. I'll get into details as I post them, but for today, we've got "Hate Mondays".

To note on this image: the tiny homage to Michel Gondry's "The Science of Sleep", the How I Met Your Mother english phone booth, and an even tinier Erasure's "Love to Hate You". And a clear allusion to my inability to cook.

Well, to be fair, I can cook. I just don't enjoy it. CEREAL FTW!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer movies

I had forgotten! I've been in the move and in the CRAZY WORKLOAD - so I had forgotten to share not only this piece, but several things I've been working on for these days. Expect some sketchbook scans, including a 'kitten' themed live drawing session, a couple of concerts and SEVERAL airport drawings. 16 hours between a flight and another, with jet-lag, is just not human.

For now, my Monster's University piece created for the Pixar Times Monster Mash-Up: had an AWFUL fun with this one. Clearly.

And I can't say enough how much I loved Pacific Rim. TO PIECES. Gosh, señor Del Toro, es usted un auténtico maestro. Señor Navarro: su iluminación me hace feliz.