Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dreams and a Swan Song

I'm working on a piece that I'm rather proud of - hopefully on wednesday I'll be able to share. For now, though, have some long-forgotten dreams that came back in full rise today, while saying bye to others :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ghost Stories and a Cat

 Loads of thing happened today. I got completely soaked wet in the rain biking home. I got freaked out thinking I had missed an appointment. I thought I saw someone I know on the street, but to this moment I dunno if it was him or not. I received music, messages, gifts and visions. And they can all be summed up in these two drawings right here.

Sometimes I'm enigmatic like that... but they speak for me!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Where were we?

Yes. Yes. Definitely 100 days of movies shall follow this exercise...

Specially because, let's be honest: life cannot be controlled. You can TRY and be happy for 100 days, and succeed at finding little things that make you happy, yes. It is possible indeed. But...

SO MOVIES IT IS. Yes. Here, have a cat too :D

Friday, May 9, 2014

Tal vez florecerán mis sueños de oro...

It's been 20 years today that my granddad left.

His name was Pedro, but since he spent a while in the US during the war, my nickname for him was always Pete: 'Abuelito Pete'. I was barely seven, and yet he left a rather profound mark on my current existence. He and I, we shared birthdays - so we celebrated them together. The hall outside his room was my first personal gallery: he would be prouder than my mom to hang anything I gave him to hang. He taught me to love animals (perhaps a little too much...?), he encouraged my love for reading and made me feel incredibly special every time I learned a new fact and shared it with him. He even got me a math book as a gift. I actually read it.

He taught me to love history: particularly WW2: When I was six, he sat me down and together we watched "Operation Daybreak" (Siete Hombres al Amanecer): he explained to me who the nazis were, and how was it that they took over almost all of Europe. To this day, this intro is permanently fixated in my memory:

He loved the sea, and tried to teach me how to swim. I failed miserably, but made it a pride point to learn. I'm a proficient mermaid nowadays (Well, I'm out of practice, but...). He would often listen to Agustín Lara, but my mom tells me he also danced the swing tremendously well. I just remember dancing with him where he would go particularly slowly so I could keep up.
He died of cancer in 1994. He smoked too much. He's the reason I don't. And yet, I know he's around proud of me everytime I make nazi jokes or achieve something special. And I know he'd be thrilled to know of my current life, and would've probably visited by now a couple of times.

Ahí te encargo, abuelito. Te quiero.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Fly Me to the Moon

If you guys have been following on Twitter, you know sometimes I get out of the whole Happy Days concept and diverge a little bit. Concretely, I try to make it about stuff that made me happy each day - but sometimes (because of work, routine, boredom, heartache or whatever) it is the act of drawing something unrelated that actually makes me happy.

These last two days it was the case. While hard at work painting another painting of my Secret Comic that I've been brewing for MONTHS now (just one more to go before I can send those pitches out into the world fully loaded!), I had the urge of flying away on what was a beautiful sunny day after days of rain - hence the first. Yesterday, it was May the 4th and I intended to do a Star Wars piece - instead, I disappointed my brother by paying homage to Audrey Hepburn on what would've been her 85th birthday.

And so it's decided. When these 100 happy days are over, I shall start a 100 movie project. Because movies make me happy, as simple as that. Sure, there'd be happy days scattered here and there (I hope!). But mostly movies.

So feel free to follow along, or when this new project starts - but there'll be more updates for sure... :D