Monday, May 28, 2012

Monster wallpaper

I've been working digitally these past days, since I've got a lot of sketches begging to come out of the sketchbook. To be honest, I took a break from the Series - however, since this is our last week at school I shall have time to get head back on it again and finish it. Only four pieces to go :D

In the meantime, here's another playful monster. Geez, I need to find the store where this girls get their furry friends from... :)

Últimamente he estado trabajando más digital - hay que aprovechar la tableta antes de devolverla! - y afortunadamente tengo muchos bocetos que piden ser coloreados a gritos. Así que me tomé un descanso del portafolio - la semana que entra que ya no hay clases seguramente podré retomarlo con ganas. Cuatro piezas más solamente! n.n

Y mientras, aquí hay otro monstruo jugando con niñas. Hay varios más en proceso - pero este en particular se me antoja para tenerlo de verdad...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

More Oiseau Series

Ayuda - Help
Acrylic on wood

Ambición - Ambition
Acrylic on Illustration Board

Arriba - Going Up
Acrylic on Illustration Board

Some more pieces for the Oiseau Series. This keep talking of how to try and catch that pretty, elusive bird. Boy, he's hard to catch...

For my part, I'm getting my website ready. It is time to ask around french animation studios to see if they need someone like me. Because God knows I want to work in 2D animation... I adore it. So wish me luck. n.n

More coming soon :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

En el Jardín

Today it was a rather nice day, so the decision was made to paint in plen-air. Not landscape, mind you: I still have much else to paint... Which is cool, because that means you'll get to see a little work in progress in my garden :)

Isn't it cool to paint like that? :D

Era de lo lindo el clima de hoy, por lo que se me antojó pintar afuera en el jardín en algo sólido para variar. Y lo genial de esto es que no solamente me dí una linda asoleada - sin quemarme! :D - sino que también se pueden dar una checadita a trabajo en progreso...Y la pieza que estoy trabajando está quedando como quería, así que estoy feliz n.n

This is coming along rather nicely. I'm so so pleased with what I've achieved so far with it.

(Yeah, I know there's two of them. I'll let you ponder and get intrigued as to why... n.n)

Besides, I really like my garden. And the extra plus is that you get your "studio pals" to hang out with you...

Like Waffle and Mr. Hummingbird n.n

Monday, May 14, 2012

Rue des Cascades

This image took over my mind. I had to take a break from acrylic to do it before it escaped.
Still working on the Oiseau Series - will report more soon :)

Esta imagen me acaparó la mente, y tuve que dejar los acrílicos a un lado un ratito en lo que la atrapaba. Si no, alguien más la iba a ganar. Todavía estoy en friega con la Serie Oiseau - pronto tendrán noticias n.n

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Adventure Time!

For my latest trip, I had the fortune of - due to rather odd coincidences - go to New York. Since I had never ever been there, four days weren't enough. But it was at least sufficient for me to visit the main landmarks, take a ton of pics, get lost often and walk. And walk. And walk. Cause New York isn't that big - but it sure has a lot o.o

The Dakota Building, as seen from Strawberry Fields. Fitting, huh? I adored being there - as a matter of fact, I'm really loving this way of traveling. You actually get to sit down and SEE what you're seeing, instead of just *click!* and walk away. Love it.

Next up in my wishlist: Italy, more France, more Mexico, Russia, Alaska, Italy and Japan...and Morocco - why not? n.n

Monday, May 7, 2012

Presidentes y política

Today, the new president of France was elected. Today as well, we mexicans will have the first debate between our own candidates. And I must say, I had never until today cared so much for politics.

So many things depend on these decisions - and yet we must also do our part. A reminder for me is this little axolotl, unique to mexican fauna and yet threatened by such a political negligence. Isn't it the cutest thing in the world? And it exists only here! (feel free to google it and see it: it's a gorgeous, smiling little critter n.n)

Let's hope our people can do the right thing. I won't express any political opinions: I'll just say we need to open our eyes.

Hoy fue elegido el nuevo presidente de Francia (señor Hollande, pórtese bien!), y nosotros en México vamos a tener el primer debate presidencial. Esta es la primera vez que he seguido tan de cerca todo este asunto político. 

Muchas cosas dependen de lo que hagamos - un voto anulado puede ser un voto para el peor candidato! - y una manera de recordarlo, para mí, es la sonrisa inocente en la cara de un ajolotito. Son criaturas hermosas, fascinantes, y endémicas - sólo existen aquí!  Y están a punto de desaparecer por una serie de negligencias políticas y ambientales.

Esperemos que en todo sentido, se logre hacer lo correcto. Nos tiene que importar: tenemos que abrir los ojos.