Wednesday, May 16, 2012

En el Jardín

Today it was a rather nice day, so the decision was made to paint in plen-air. Not landscape, mind you: I still have much else to paint... Which is cool, because that means you'll get to see a little work in progress in my garden :)

Isn't it cool to paint like that? :D

Era de lo lindo el clima de hoy, por lo que se me antojó pintar afuera en el jardín en algo sólido para variar. Y lo genial de esto es que no solamente me dí una linda asoleada - sin quemarme! :D - sino que también se pueden dar una checadita a trabajo en progreso...Y la pieza que estoy trabajando está quedando como quería, así que estoy feliz n.n

This is coming along rather nicely. I'm so so pleased with what I've achieved so far with it.

(Yeah, I know there's two of them. I'll let you ponder and get intrigued as to why... n.n)

Besides, I really like my garden. And the extra plus is that you get your "studio pals" to hang out with you...

Like Waffle and Mr. Hummingbird n.n

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