Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Adventure Time!

For my latest trip, I had the fortune of - due to rather odd coincidences - go to New York. Since I had never ever been there, four days weren't enough. But it was at least sufficient for me to visit the main landmarks, take a ton of pics, get lost often and walk. And walk. And walk. Cause New York isn't that big - but it sure has a lot o.o

The Dakota Building, as seen from Strawberry Fields. Fitting, huh? I adored being there - as a matter of fact, I'm really loving this way of traveling. You actually get to sit down and SEE what you're seeing, instead of just *click!* and walk away. Love it.

Next up in my wishlist: Italy, more France, more Mexico, Russia, Alaska, Italy and Japan...and Morocco - why not? n.n

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