Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Añitos :)

I collaborated during the last month with a mural painting that was going on at my old school. One of the concepts I proposed was accepted, which meant I got to paint anthropomorphic flowers on it :)

This is the sketch I created when I proposed the concept:
Bond, 8.5x5.5'', Graphite

Durante el último mes colaboré con la creación de un mural en la que solía ser mi escuela. Uno de los conceptos que propuse fue aceptado en el boceto final, lo que significó que pinté flores antropomórficas en él durante un bueeen tiempo :)

And here's a Baby Faun :D
At Sketchoholic last july we were assigned to create a 'baby version of a movie character' and I automatically thought of Guillermo del Toro's Faun. I intend to color it, but for now it'll have to wait as a quick sketch: I was actually late for this session and created this in 20 minutes XD
Linen, 5.5x8.5'', Graphite
¡Un fauno bebé!!
Antes del Comic-Con, en Sketchoholic el tema fue 'una versión de un personaje cinematográfico en bebé'. Llegué tarde a esa sesión y tan sólo me quedaban veinte minutos, por lo que actué rápido y me fuí por el Fauno de Guillermo del Toro. Realmente quiero pintar esta pieza, pero ahorita tengo un buen de cosas que hacer.

And finally, my boyfriend and I had our two-year anniversary last sunday. While he took me to the San Diego zoo, I gave him a watch and hung this at his school yesterday. He was quite embarrassed when he picked it up in front of everyone, but he really liked it :)

Digital, Photoshop - 1x1 mts

Y ya para terminar, mi novio y yo cumplimos dos años juntos el domingo. Él me llevó al Zoológico a ver gorilas, y yo le regalé un reloj y colgué esto en una lona en su escuela. Le dió muchísima pena quitarlo enfrente de todos, pero le gustó bastante :D

Thursday, August 26, 2010


This whole animation for my thesis business is creating me some sort of double personality: whenever I'm animating I can think of about 78 different ideas for illustrations, and whenever I'm painting I can't stop thinking of how much I still have to animate. And what is worse, my time is running out - even though it was supposed to be less.

Luckily, the moment I'm done I HAVE to illustrate my arse off: not only do I have to manage to sell my illustration works; I also joined the Arthouse's Sketchbook Project, so I have to send my finished sketchbook filled with Nighttime Stories by Halloween.

Este asunto de la tesis me está generando doble personalidad, o algo así: cuando estoy animando se me ocurren 87 (cambié el número por variedad XD) ideas para ilustrar, y cuando ilustro no puedo dejar de pensar en lo que tengo todavía que animar. Para acabarla, mi tiempo se acaba.

Por suerte en cuanto se termine, tengo (TENGO) que ilustrar intensamente: no solamente ocupo comenzar a posicionar ilustraciones en algún lado; también me uní al Sketchbook Project, y tengo que llenar mi sketchbook con Nighttime Stories (el tema que me tocó).

(And Perry, 'cause he's awesome :D)

In the meantime, here's a comission that took me just three days to paint (four, if you count sketching time) and a year and a half to actually do. I know, I know. Talk about procrastination. (And animation!! It's absorbing me!! D:)

To make up for this, I'm also sending her an extra sketch to thank her patience. At least I rather like the final result n_n

Por lo pronto, una comisión que me tomó tres días hacer y un año y medio decidirme a hacerla XD. Soy una verguenza, pero por lo menos voy a compensar el tiempo perdido enviando un sketch extra :D

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Long time no see n.n

The animation isn't done yet - I've got thirty more seconds to go, and my final deadline is June 25th. So I should go upstairs, turn my lightbox on and keep doing that.
But I've neglected my blog for quite a while, so I guess it's about time I post something - and since I was rather pleased with yesterday's exercise for Shut Up And Draw! at, I'm showing it.

The goal was to illustrate Eosop's fable of The Fox and The Stork - you know, that fable where the fox invited the stork to have soup on flat bowls, and then the stork payed it back by asking the fox to dinner and serving the soup on long-necked vases. It was done in one hour, so there's still some work to do with it - and since I liked it, I should finish it.

But after I'm done with the shortcut. n.n One thing at a time.