Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Semanario 3

It's already Wednesday!!!
Well, not here. PST says it's 19 hours (I'm still working/writing at home). But still - we'll see Django today, so gotta post it now.

It's noon in our apartment! This time it's Web Wednesday - a bit hard, since I didn't want to add all of the repetitive poses of characters checking their laptops. So I added tablets and smart phones - while at Paris I've grown 'fond' of people touristing and taking pictures with tablets... There's sarcasm in that sentence.

Anyway - I really loved this poster :D And my twitter fandom shows, doesn't it? Also pictured my fondness for old phones, my adoration for Google Doodles, Muse's 2nd Law, a Spiderman Comic; Dario Marianelli's "Love Letters" (that's gotta be one of my favorite soundtracks ever!) and a small Hedwig, since today's Harry Potter's birthday too...

Well, at the UK it is!

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