Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Psyque en líneas

So, back on working on my thesis. For those of you who don't know, I'm working on a project trying to link Design with Animation - the connection is there, I know. I'm just pointing it out - and the project's culmination is producing a nano-budget, hand-drawn animated shortcut. I'm almost through with the theory, which means I must start now with the shortcut so I can finish it (hopefully) at around December.

For this piece? Ink and markers. I work really fast with this medium - so I may post everything with this for the next few months, if I even manage to do some personal work. I should.


  1. eiii amigaaaaa me encantaaaa todo loq ponespor aki de vdd tienes talentooo felicidadeees!!

  2. Nunca habia visto tus trabajos.
    Tus trabajos de verdad, por que he visto unos no muy agradables >.>

    Dejame decirte que estoy asi =0
    Tienes talento muy cabron. Escogiste la profesion adecuada XD

  3. ...yo no habia visto esto o.o

    My gosh, grax a los dos niños lindooos!!!! :D