Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love birds

To all of those who will be celebrating with their own love birds, Happy Valentine's Day!
To those who won't, Happy Getting Loads of Chocolates Day!! :D

I rather prefer the mexican name of this holiday. For us, it's Love and Friendship's Day. Sure, no one remembers poor St. Valentine, but we get to enjoy with our friends as well n.n

Para los que andarán de tórtolos (aaaaaaaah me saqué esa de la manga en la traducción XD), Feliz día de San Valentín!! 
Y para los que no, Feliz Día de Comer Chocolates Hasta por los Codos!! :D Acuérdense que también celebramos la amistad hoy. Disfrútenlo n.n

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