Friday, June 8, 2012

Shades of Purple

I've been working in my very own contribution for the Beatles "All Together" tribute at Nucleus Gallery. It seemed like a wonderful idea and it really got me going, despite of all of the rest of the stuff I've got to do. The sketch came out straight away and I loved it, so I threw everything aside and started jamming.

I'm mixing several icons from several Beatles songs in there - so far, there's eleven. And counting.

But then I had the urge of doing a really quick watercolor. I'm not sure why - maybe so much acrylic makes me long for watercolor and viceversa. And I had this sketch of La Traviata - my favorite opera - sitting around, so it was finally time. Just for the fun of it, since the mood here's completely different, I tried to force myself to work with the same cheery colors in the Beatles piece, only now giving it a sombre, sad sort of mood.

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