Thursday, April 11, 2013

Héroe Mujeriego

So - this is one of the joys of taking care of children. You come across this kind of moments now and then. This is totally true - I may have exaggerated or stylized a few bits, but the story is that yesterday at the park I took out my umbrella because it started raining, and the 4 year old I'm looking after decided HE was the one to hold it. Which of course meant that after two steps, I was drenched and he was walking in his water-proof coat, giving refuge to the little girls in the playground, all older than him.

He also decided to photobomb people taking pictures. His serious face while he does it is what makes it even better.

And, after almost six months of feeling a bit unwelcome in this city, while I was doing this watercolor at my usual cafe not only did I get a complimentary coffee by the patron - I also got this piece sold: barely had time to take a picture of it! So... a wonderful day, all in all n.n

Spring is flowering :)


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    1. Foi, linda, no había visto que habías dejado esto!! Mil gracias señorita - ¿cómo estás??? Te veo pronto!! :D