Friday, November 22, 2013

Moon Labyrinth

Sooooo... this is the reason why I had been away from the computer lately. Or at least, one of the reasons. Still got more stuff coming up...

Anyway. All of this was inked in a beautiful 60x60 cm format (the labyrinth at least: the other figures were each at different sizes, although the nymphs and deers were rather small. Super, über small... because I'm crazy like that :D) The idea was to create a labyrinth for Artemis, Moon Goddess, as a representation of the passage between two worlds and the quest for oneself: you're trying to find yourself and you get lost in the process, but getting lost can be a delight in itself! Also, I got way into the different connotation across the times given to the labyrinth: at the beginning it was thought to be a representation of the most intimate nature of spirituality, and after the Renaissance ended it acquired a profane signification - which is when I decided to add the forest as a symbol for the frontier between civilization and wilderness. And of course, nymphs and deers are happily joining in, along with the 4 seasons united with the 4 elements :D

I could go on and on about it - however, I'm super super happy with how this turned out to be, even if it was rejected. I discovered a few superpowers in here, so expect some other super massive update - I also finished my sketchbook, so it's time to scan it while I begin the new one... :D

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