Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Peces en el cielo

It's been ages, hasn't it?

I'm hard at work, elbows deep - but in the meantime that doesn't mean I can share stuff when I got'em. So here: this poster was created as a proposition for ACID, an independent association of Cinema for Cannes. The idea was that of discovery: this fish was hence out of the water, discovering the world, flying and discovering Cannes from a different point of view (which is what Cinema does, after all). It was, to my taste, the perfect mix of poetry, metaphors, fantasy and acidity - I really liked how the colors came up! And having never been in Cannes, it was fun to take a virtual tour via Google Earth to pick out the buildings and areas that would give it the characteristic feel of the town.

In other news, I've also started a 100 Happy Days Project over in Twitter. Today the 5th day came up: if you feel like following, feel free to do so! In the meantime, here's my day 5: Getting stuff in the mail :D


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