Monday, August 4, 2014

Grimm and Perrault

After a very, very promising first meeting with my new agents at The Bright Group - who are just ADORABLE and amazing and awesome and adorable and happy (AAAAH!) - I developed a couple of pieces for their Fairy Tales Fiction Campaign. And I have to say, though they're both very different, I love them.

Above, Jacob and Wilhelm's Grimm 'Little Red Riding Hood', which has been one of my favorites ever - I even played the Wolf in kindergarten in a school play. I remember trying very hard not to breath once I was dead...

And below, my adored Perrault's Sleeping Beauty. Along with a rather showy display of dark magic by the dark fairy.
The interesting bit about this one was how iconic the story is, and how difficult it is to tackle it. Once I got over the fact that this is a Dark Fairy, not necessarily Maleficent - and I came up with the idea of using a friend's butterfly collection to draw inspiration for the fairies' look, it was down-hill from there. (Some details because i think it's worth it!!):

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