Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pere Lachaise

It's official. I'm in love with Pere Lachaise. I know it's creepy and weird, but I am. It's the one place I can hear myself think, so it's where I've ran to the two times things have been hardest or the scariest or the weirdest since I've been here in Paris. And it's great - it's so unbelievably pretty, and it really lets me go out of there ready to go straight back to creating.

I think it's mostly about the hidden corners and the abandoned places - but it's also that my childhood and my adult, romantic self are there. Funnily enough, my childhood is Jim Morrison XD I've been a flower child since forever, I swear XD And well... I'm just desperately, utterly in love with Chopin. He makes everything better. Hence, when I went over before the year ended, I just had to stop and watercolor - even though I had already sketched before n.n

I'm currently working on not one, but TWO children's books - and also starting sketches for the third ;D So in order to not become a total shut in, I'm now out working in cafe's, parks, Starbucks - whatever I can find. If you want, feel free to come on down - we can sketch and hang out n.n

Oh, and this is beautiful. I guess now it's obvious why, but Ólafur Arnalds makes my life prettier :D

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