Monday, February 25, 2013

I am Winter

I had been threatening with a winter piece for a while now. I was just fascinated with our snowfall - it was my first play in the snow ever. Oh, you should've seen me - I was as graceful as Bambi on the ice.

This is why all I needed was an excuse to make a Winter piece of procrastination, and I found it. Inspired by the theme of Ólafur Arnalds' latest album (which comes out today), "For Now I am Winter", and in particular by what I suspect may be going on between the "This Place IS a Shelter" and "This Place WAS a Shelter" and the music of "We (too) Shall Rest": this here is Winter, finding a piece of life herself has nearly destroyed, and choosing to end in order to bring it back. I tried to make it speak of the beauty of the ephemeral, and the   aggressive nature of change which is nevertheless indispensable for growth. Nothing can stand still.

I honestly think I'll end up doing something completely involving music soon. You shall hear more, don't worry ;)

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