Friday, March 22, 2013


It's spring, you guys!!!
Well... or at least... it kinda wants to be. I mean, birds are singing and all, and yes, I'm starting to see some flowers outside, and last night I was able to walk by the Canal at 2:00 am and not really be cold - quite a relief after last's week's same walk in the snow. But come on! I cannot even take a decent picture of this work because there's no sun!! (Which is why I'm posting this today rather than yesterday :( Can we pretend I did it on time??)

Bref. (BWAHAHA French permeates my everyday language). *ahem* ANYWAY. I just went girly crazy on this piece and allowed my deepest inner influences to come out. GUESS WHO. C:

*Edit: The sun heard (read?) my rant and allowed me to take a slightly better pic of this. Still need to scan, though...

Note: If you couldn't guess, it's clearly this guy.

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