Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cuentos para Monstruos

Well, today I start not one, but two children's books. The first one will make use of all my jazzistic - is that even a word? - influences I've got going lately. The second will be a beautiful story my brother created once. Overall, I'm quite happy with what I need to do - but this is one of those times when you wish the world wasn't ending next friday, because you really got too much to do.

Also, since today is the 12/12/12, I expect LOADS of people posting stuff complaining about the people posting stuff on the social networks. So I may take the whole day off n.n

Now, please enjoy this little monster reading stories to an over-sized kitty :D I really loved what acrylic ink allowed me to do on this piece - it's the subtle details that count for me, since it's what I used to pay attention to as a little girl when I'd view this kind of things on a book... :)

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