Monday, December 3, 2012

Resurrección decembrina

Boy, it's been a while since I posted. I'm terribly sorry about that - moving to a different continent can sometimes cause that, you know...

However, this doesn't mean I've stopped painting. Quite the opposite. It means you shall have a BUNCH of updates coming over... But because I'm already in Christmas mood, I think we can open up with this one. :)

BY THE WAY - this Holiday Season, why not help someone in need?? I'll be opening up comission slots and taking comissions - for now, only watercolor - wouldn't you love to give your loved one a personalized illustration? So much better than a random sweater, don't you think??

Not to mention that they'd be getting them with a beautiful french stamp on the mail :D

I'll be working in 90 lb, 7.5x10'' watercolor paper. Obviously, the watercolors I'll be posting in these days are also for sale, if you feel you'd rather have something you've already fallen in love with (from this post on!). Payments would be handled via paypal, 25 Euros (or it's equivalent in dollars) per piece. Sorry for charging in euros, but my rent is paid that way!!

So what do you say? Would you feed an artist this holiday season?? Leave me a comment or send me a mail! (And on that note, Vive la Vie Boheme!! :D)

Ya tenía rato sin postear!!! Esto de mudarse así puede provocar quedarse sin escáner - lo siento!! Sin embargo, he seguido pintando - cañón - así que podemos esperar una serie de actualizaciones de gran volúmen. Por lo pronto, abro con esta para inaugurar mis ánimos decembrinos.

Lo cual me recuerda. Voy a estar tomando comisiones para esta temporada navideña - ilustraciones en papel acuarela, de 90 libras, 7.5 x 10 pulgadas - ¿a poco no es un regalo más especial y original que un sueter para alguien que realmente quieran?? ¡Podemos hacer lo que ustedes me digan que haga! 

Los pagos se manejarían vía PayPal, 25 Euros por cada comisión - o su equivalente. Me temo que en este momento, mis gastos son en Euros - y la verdad, estarían consiguiendo un regalo genial, apoyando al arte,  y a la vez haciendo su buena acción navideña. ¿Por qué no alimentar un artista? Mándenme un mail, dejen un mensaje - Santa Claus se los tomará en cuenta, lo juro :) 

*Edit: Post 100!!!! Whuuuut???

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