Monday, May 13, 2013

¿Cómo le va?

Boy, I've neglected the blog! That's good news for me because it means that I'm busy painting, but I missed you guys...

Do you remember last year when I was doing a series of tributes for Francisco Gabilondo Soler, "Cri-Crí"'s music? Well, I thought it was about bloody time to pick it up again. So today I sat down and procrastinated my work doing this piece, for "¿Cómo le va?" or "How do you do?"

It's basically about this really well mannered, coquettish squirrel that greets everybody in the forest as she walks around in the forest. However, since watching this video when little, for me she doesn't jump around - she DANCES in the forest. And hence, this image.

See you around n.n

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