Monday, May 27, 2013

Cuentos del Árbol - Giveaway Time! :D

Well well well, the french bureaucracy strikes again. I've just spent over seven hours in the office to finally get my carte de séjour (meaning that I'm able to stay in the country without worrying for a while); instead, I was sent back home to further worry about changing plane tickets, going to the embassy again, getting a different visa, probably changing status AND having a new appointment in OCTOBER. This whole thing will be over a year old by then.

Still. While I was sitting there, to be productive, I started storyboarding a project and I painted this. And I love it. And I want to share it to make someone else's life happier as it did for me and my day. SO.

During the next days, I shall tweet this constantly (if you don't follow me on twitter yet, come right this way). To those who Follow and ReTweet (RT in Twitter slang) those tweets, will earn a chance to win a print of this piece, in beautiful 5.5x8.5'' and maybe (maybe!, if I find the proper frame) framed, and have it delivered on their doorstep with pretty french postage before I go home for Comic-Con and stuff. We'll keep going tweeting and adding names to the list until June 12, when I shall post the video of a tiny kid getting the name randomly picked - probably in exchange of a lollipop. That kid does nothing for free, you know... :)

So! Are we game? You know how to play! Who wants this Tales by Tree Print?

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