Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Morrison for Manzarek

This happens to me a lot. I create something with an objective in mind, and I work hard at it and I sketch A LOT and then life happens. And I move to the next project and I forget about the last. Just now, I realized that I'm working on two projects (officially) and got an unfinished children's horror story, two ideas for two BD's that I'm developing at the same time, a street art secret project and several pieces for my portfolio.

This one shouldn't stay forever in my hard drive. It was created last year, in hopes of creating a set of pieces for De Films en Aiguille, who in co-production with Chez Eddy are preparing my dream project of Les Fantomes de Pere Lachaise. And I wanted to show them that if anyone loves to draw in cemeteries - particularly THAT ONE (as you probably know if you follow my blog) - is me.

Since then, I started doing everything I described just now. I painted this, created a whole bunch of character designs for Edith Piaf, Georges Melies and Colette - and I didn't finish it. If they called me now and said "Hey Erika, we'd love it for you to get paid to paint in one of your favorite places on earth", I totally would.

However, with Ray Manzarek's death today, I got reminded (AGAIN) that we don't have time. We're moving. My dad is a huge The Doors fan, and this is why (again, as you know) I've been a flower child since birth. I've known this organ solo by heart since I was a baby. So it's time to share and let it out of the hard drive.

Maybe one day I can do a BD on Pere Lachaise.

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