Thursday, August 23, 2012

Becas y Bosques

I seem to be trying to create some sort of forest - trees are pouring out of me. And I swear, it's unconscious: I'm barely starting to notice... I mean, I already knew I liked them - but I guess it's the many old old trees around me in this city evoking this...

Anyway. Tomorrow, no trees. Or maybe just one. n.n

Btw: It's almost Halloween time... costume ideas yet?

Los árboles siguen llegando!! Y lo peor es que es de lo más inconsciente - no sé si quiero armar mi bosque personal completo o qué onda. Pero es que hay tantos tan bonitos aquí... como el eucalipto - tenía mucho tiempo que no veía tantos :D

En fin - mañana veremos qué pasa. A ver si salen más n.n

PS: This morning I learned that I've been granted a scholarship to study at the ENSAD - École Nationale des Arts Decoratifs - in Paris, for 10 months in their illustration department on October 2013... I couldn't jump high or fast enough n.n

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