Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cri-Cri: Llueve

When I was little, my everyday tunes would be the ones by Francisco Gabilondo Soler, known to us children as "Cri-Cri". His songs told stories and moods that I just adored, and still do. So I feel like it's time to pay an homage to him: Apart from my everyday work, I shall create a quick piece inspired by his songs each day. :)

Today? One of my favorites. "Llueve" tells the story of little bunnies waiting for the rain to pass so that they can go and run around in the fields. The mood of the opening of this song has always haunted me, and I can't help hum it whenever it rains n.n

¿Quién no escuchó a Cri-Cri cuando era pequeño? Francisco Gabilondo Soler es un auténtico poeta, mi primer inspiración, y creo yo que va siendo tiempo de que le rinda merecido tributo. Por tanto, a partir de hoy voy a empezar a crear piezas inspiradas en sus canciones, comenzando por una de mis favoritas - "Llueve". Para los que nunca lo han escuchado, siéntanse libres de deleitarse en el link - para los que sí, ¡Encontré la versión con cuentos! Que empiece la nostalgia :)

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