Monday, August 20, 2012

Painted Waffle

Creative Allies posted a contest for illustrating the cover of Alessi's Ark's new album, Notes from the Tree-house, and a friend passed over the link for me. Even though I'm not a keen advocate for spec work, her music really did inspire me and made me see the cover - so I grabbed my coffee and started sketching. Afterwards, this led to actually painting with coffee - which I hadn't done since my thesis project. Obviously the pink is watercolor (I wanted to use hibiscus, but I couldn't find any) but the coffee allowed me once again to get the sepia mood I wanted. Besides; best smelling painting ever n.n

The image's full with symbols from the album: not only title songs - The Dog, The Horse, Constellations - but also bits of lyrics, like the kite, the birds and the notes on the book and the umbrella. Also, that's our dog Waffle making  a special cameo - remember her??

Anyway - if you like it, make sure to let the people at Creative Allies know! :D

Un amigo me pasó el link a un concurso que está haciendo Creative Allies para la portada del disco nuevo de Alessi's Ark, "Notes from the Tree-House". No me convence el trabajo especulativo, pero realmente me inspiró este caso - así que empecé a bocetar, y al rato ya estaba pintando directamente con el café. lo cual es la onda - huele bien, y me da el tono sepia que yo quería... y huele bien :D

No solamente escondí detalles de los títulos de las canciones aquí y allá -también agregué detalles de la letra, y me dí el lujo de agregar a la pequeña Waffle en el asunto, dándole lata a su amigo el colibrí. Si les gusta, ¡dense una vuelta en Creative Allies para votar! n.n

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