Sunday, August 5, 2012

La Patita y las cajitas

Remember that time I promised I'd do one every day? Yeah, that was before our stuff in the moving finally arrived. Now I have a whole bunch of boxes - is gargantuanally huge!! - that we have to unpack. Before, you know, I pack again. To compensate, this is even more elaborate than it should.

In the meantime, La Patita - again, from Cri-Crí. I wanted to evoke the feeling of those little towns with all of their houses painted in red and white - Cuitzeo, for example - and I really liked the way it turned out! This is one of the most popular songs he has, and it speaks of this Duck who goes to the market to buy food for her little ducklings, but she's poor and has no money to do so. It's really sad and beautiful at the same time.

Y que llega la mudanza, y me mata mi ilusión de hacer uno de estos diario. Por lo tanto, este lo hice lo más elaborado que pude :)

La Patita - ¿quién no se acuerda de ella? Es de las más famosas, y al mismo tiempo de las canciones más tristes que tiene Cri-Crí. Ahora, si me disculpan, seguiré desempacando :)

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